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Ricky Edwards Melbourne film & tv composer


Remus Digital is a boutique music label for online distribution of digital albums and songs.


Established by Ricky Edwards in 2017, Remus Digital evolved due to a fan based interest and inquiries about film score albums and catalogues that were unavailable to the public. The label specialises in film and television scores and concert works. It also distributes original music from other genres including original contemporary artists, contemporary art music and gaming soundtracks. While Remus Digital's main focus is on original film scores and concert works, the catalogue covers these other genres of music so as to give all types of artist and ensembles an incentive to release their work.


Remus Digital distributes music for sales and streaming through major online stores such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.  Most of the albums are also available through this website via the home page. The catalogue has a number of albums due for release within the next few months, some of which are new works, some of which are previously released albums and some of which are unreleased soundtracks from scores over the last two decades.

As a beautique label, Remus Digital is interested in signing new artists.  Many film scores and concert works go unreleased and Remus Digital offers an opportunity to easily distribute digital music albums.


Contact us on through this website for inquiries.

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If you want to stay in touch with Remus Digital subscribe to the news letter below.  You won't be plagued with news letters but there will be announcements abut new releases and album activity.


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